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  • Buy Online Kaimaktsalan ski center tickets and ski equipment rentals
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  • Information about the ski resort Kaimaktsalan and Palios Agios Athanasios
  • About activities in Kaimamtsalan and Palios Agios Athanasios
  • About Pozar Hot Baths
  • About Vegoritida Lake
  • Guided Tours for Kaimaktsalan and Palios Agios Athanasios
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Loutraki is 13 km. from Aridea, 20km. the ski resort and 100km. remove you from Thessaloniki. It has 1280 inhabitants and in 1922 began to develop rural tourism. Today there are many guesthouses for visitors.The residents of the Upper inhabited Loutraki, just miles from its current location.Loutraki last 10 days of August are the Pozaritika involving music and dancing. Guests combining the thermal
The City of Pozar is a city of Pella. Located in the northwestern part of the county and include specific relief, because there are big differences in height to reach the 1,500 meters. It occupies an area of ​​562,910 acres, becoming the first municipality in the area of ​​the county and has (real) population 20,213 inhabitants. Headquarters is the Aridaia, which has gotten its name. The inhabitants
Old Aghios Athanasios Kaimaktsalan
Tsegani or Old and New St. AthanasiosThe villages of Old and New Saint Athanasios is also known as "Tsegani. The year 1918, shortly after the release of our Macedonia was recognized as the community Tsegani, retaining its name until the year 1926. According to sources, the original name of the Meteora region was probably why the steep slopes of Mount Kaimaktsalan or Boras, but after the protests of
Arnissa was the capital of the former Vegoritidas municipality located on the shores of Lake Vegoritidas and at the foot of Mount Vora. According to the 2001 census, the DD ARNISSA had actual population of 1,550 inhabitants.Formerly called Ostrovou, Slavic word meaning island, name remained until 1926 when it took the name Arnissa which is prehistoric and omorrizo with city name Arni Lake Copais.During